Knight of Swords

Posted May 18th, 2010 by admin

Knights mean doing, and airy swords are about the mind, so this card is about taking action on your ideas.  It is also about determination, paying attention, and focussing on what your mind is bringing to you, so you can be sure to remove restrictions and inhibitions that might limit true inspiration.

This card represents Tipareth, a narrowing on the tree where the one thing our heart desires becomes our only focus so we can manifest it.  It is moving from the final third of Capricorn and is two thirds into Aquarius, and the control of the former is now blossoming into the wide potential of the latter.

Summary – Focus the laser of your mind onto the matter at hand, then soften its focus to allow yourself to see the vastness of the opportunities.  Use this information to take action on your inspiration, but be sure to take the time to experience the fullness of the matter prior to taking flight.  Amazing things are about to be accomplished!