At the Perth Medical Centre

November 14th, 2011



OK Mom, I’ll slow down & you jump out.  No really.  Just following orders.

Creating from the Heart

May 8th, 2010

Note to readers: I have not looked at this blog entry since I posted it back on May 8th.  Today I had to log in to read it, as I couldn’t remember the password, and I was curious as to why I would lock an entry on my public blog.  I see now that I wanted to be sure to read it again at a later date, and I might not have if it had just been sitting there without any mystery attached to it.  I’m also pleased to find that I no longer feel the need to hide this from others, so here it is for anyone who is interested.  I will say that while I don’t have a motorhome yet, I did have a holiday in one at Burning Man (LOVED IT!), and I do feel much more myself than I have in a very long time.  I hope you all have weathered the call to become authentic, and continue to do so.  Please contact me by email or through Facebook if you’d like to share.  Remember, in the words of John Lennon – “There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be….. All you need is Love”.

I have long been struggling with the concept of what my highest good might be, and what I should be doing.  Today I write from my heart – from a place of love & gratitude – to set the intention for the life I feel is mine.  A big part of my struggle has been trying to fit in – to be ambitious, to care about a job, or house, or other things that have value in the world I inhabit.  And yet while I can create a fair facsimile of wanting these, in truth it all rings hollow – I don’t care about those things at all.  And then I feel that there must be something wrong with me, and that I have somehow been damaged by my experiences.  In a very recent phone conversation with my brother, I found myself repeating quite vehemently – “There is nothing wrong with any of us!  None of us needs to be fixed!”  We are distracted from our power by feeling that we are flawed, and we set about trying to right the wrongs – putting us squarely out of the present moment, our only place of power.  We are so manipulated & controlled by our fear that we are not perfect, when in reality, every single one of us IS!  And yet we are caught in the trap of constantly distracting ourselves from our fear that we are not perfect.  And so on, and so on…..

So today, I accept that I am perfect.  Every one of my experiences was perfectly designed by me to create the perfection that I am now – every single one of them! The physical, sexual and emotional abuses that I suffered and inflicted.  The loving and unloving relationships.  The truths and the lies, the booze and the drugs, the sharing and the taking.  All perfect.  Every one.

OK, so now that we’ve got to this place of perfection, what would I like to do with it?  The truth is that my desire is to pay all my debts, buy a travel home with enough room for me & for company to join me on occasion, and to travel around North America sharing love & messages where it will be helpful – I want to be a channel of Peace, just like St. Francis.  In fact, I am sure that this is my next step, and it will arrive momentarily.  I am trying not to judge the path that takes me there – a path that has involved a seeming shirking of duties and a significant breakdown.  I know that this path I am choosing will appear to many to be a manifestation of a mental illness, but in truth I have been crazy trying not to be this person that I have tried to hide away with varying degrees of success.  I intend with all my heart for this transition to create no harm, and to that end, I invite abundance that will allow me to soften or mend the tears that my choices will seemingly make to others, all the while understanding that it is not my responsibility to do so.  I guess really my intention is that there be no harm – if it requires my having the abundance to use money to mend, then it will be so. 

To sum up – I am grateful for every person, event, place & thing that I have had the great good fortune to experience in this dimension & timeline – and also for everything in the others, too!  I am ready to walk in my peace & my truth without concern for the judgements of others – they do not belong to me & really aren’t any of my business.  As advised by an Angelic Messenger Card the other day – I no longer have to accept the dregs – I go forward as a fully loved, loving & abundant participant in this reality.   Let the fun begin!

Grounding Exercise – Try This At Home!!

May 5th, 2010

Yesterday I had the opportunity to once again practice this grounding exercise with a group of young people and was pleased that they all seemed to enjoy it.  Thanks to Emma, Patrick, Kasha, Cassandra, Bethany, Samantha, Meg & Steve for playing along, and to Lana, Cathy & Lesley for joining in too!  I guess because it took me many months of regular practice to break through the barriers of my “imagination” back when I started this in the late 80’s, I’m always surprised at how naturally it comes to almost everyone.  I’ve decided to post it here & I hope to receive some feedback on the ways people use it. 

To begin, sit comfortably, ideally with your back straight & your hands & legs uncrossed.  This allows your energy to flow more easily.   Read the rest of this entry »

and Breathe…..

March 15th, 2010

Well, it’s been quite a ride these past few months, hasn’t it?  Now spring is arriving & the light is returning, and the New Moon encourages us to let go & begin building again.  Central to our ability to stay calm & focused through all of this is the simplicity of Breath.

I invite you to sit quietly & be aware of your breathing for a few moments.  Most of us will find that we place a pause between our out-breath & in-breath.  Some of these pauses are longer than others, depending on our current circumstances & stress levels!  This is a learned behaviour that can keep us in a constant state of low-level fear – the body interprets the lack of breath as death.

Take a few minutes to practice breathing without pauses – Michael Brown in his book The Presence Process suggests thinking of it like a fountain, with our in-breath pushing the water up & the exhalation being the natural falling of the water.  Create a loop, so that your breath does not end.  Watch pets or young children for examples of how this is done. 

As always with techniques that help us remember that we are Spirit in a physical vehicle, learning to consciously connect our breath is simple but not always easy.  The benefits of more energy & less stress make it worth the effort.  Good luck!

Create in each moment

December 14th, 2009

“Each person is actively in each moment creating the reality or the illusion of their reality in which they live and believe they exist.”

This is a quote from today’s Morning Message from Peggy Black. What does this mean for us? Read the rest of this entry »

Insomnia? Relax!

November 22nd, 2009

I recently had a dear friend (thanks Julie!) ask for my thoughts on the insomnia that so many people are experiencing lately, and then later that same day the topic came up again in a group discussion, so I decided to post some info here.  Please share as you see fit.

I think we have always received guidance & information while we sleep – whether you believe it is from your subconscious mind or some higher power, we’ve all had the experience of feeling better or having a resolution to a problem after we’ve “slept on it”.  We are currently in a state of great change, all across the planet, and we are preparing ourselves for what comes next by accessing higher spiritual information.  In order to bring this additional information into our waking state, our energetic bodies are being enhanced or rewired, and this happens while we sleep.  Or at least it does if we can sleep! Read the rest of this entry »

Happy Hallowed Evening!

October 31st, 2009

Well, here we are on the edge of All Saints/Souls/Day of the Dead, when the Veil thins & our loved ones who are no longer in physical form can mingle amongst us.  Some will take loved ones Home with them when the festivities are over, and how wonderful to leave at what is a very joyous time from a Soul perspective. 

Tonight the tricksters will be out to play along with the humans who get in the “spirit” of things (and spirits), and celebrate the joy of having a body to play in.  Be safe in your travels!

Take some time over the next few days to sit quietly & connect with those who are already Home.  They are always watching & love the chance to say hello.

Happy Hallowe’en!

Whew, what a ride!

October 4th, 2009

Well, the past few weeks have been incredibly intense as we struggled through Mercury’s retrograde course & dealt with the ongoing rewiring of our systems in preparation for the New Energy.  Old memories popping up, relationships hitting on trouble spots that we’d thought were long past, and the crippling paralysis that left some of us wondering if we had literally lost our minds.  Well, this too has passed.  Or is passing.  Honest.

Mercury is once again direct, and the Moon is waning, inviting us to clear clutter & debris from our lives – and certainly the past few weeks have brought a new layer to the surface that we’ll be glad to let go of!  Each day we are asked to remember, and to trust, that the world is unfolding exactly as it should (refer to Desiderata on the Links page).  This trust gets easier as time goes on, and is enforced when we remember to watch for “god-winks” – those times when we are wondering about something & the answer arrives within hours, either in a media we’re engaged with or sometimes right from the mouths of strangers.  There are no coincidences – these are loving reminders that we are always on our Path, no matter what we or others think.  Trust, love and honour yourself and those in your life.  All is good. 

2012, The Shift, And Us

August 9th, 2009

I listened this morning to a conversation with Gregg Braden, a computer scientist & geologist who has written some great books about our changing world.  He spoke of fractal time & how cycles repeat in varying ways in our lives, and of 2012 being the end of a 26,000 year cycle that has been around before.  Those who survived it then encoded information for us so that we can get through it well this time, and we are just about there – in fact, we are in the middle of it now. 

We are all experiencing a number of interesting “ascension symptoms” – aches & pains, emotional swings, sleep changes.  We are being called to tune into our own bodies & clear those things we have been holding onto so that we can enter the shift in optimal condition.  And the one thing that Gregg says we must do in order to make this shift easier for all of us?  Be in a loving state, and recognize that we are all in this together – that we exist within a Univeral Law called “Oneness”.  What does this mean?  It means that we are to be loving and compassionate to everyone in our lives – not just to others, but also to ourselves.  Take those places where you feel less than “perfect”, and see that all of your experiences & thoughts & emotions were put in place to get you to here – it actually is perfect.   Then do the same for everyone around you.   Forgive yourself and others – practice the Ho’oponopono blessing – “I am sorry, please forgive me.  I love you, and I thank you”.

Vibrational healing arts will help – see your favourite practitioner for one of the many types of energetic healing that will help you in your process.  And your process is our process – let’s help each other to make this great shift.  Remember that each of us is doing the best we can.  Together we’re going to make it in these amazing times.

Eclipsical aftermath

August 2nd, 2009

I’m not really sure that eclipsical is a word, but it sure has been a heck of a week & a half!  Things shifted, and through it all I tried hard to remember to ask “What is this reflecting in me?” each time I got upset at my circumstances or at another person.  I must say, it does seem to get easier as I get the hang of it.

My darling 20-year-old daughter is leaving the nest today, and taking some of her earthly belongings with her.  I took about 20 minute to maneuver the U-Haul trailer into position in the driveway, and we will be setting out for Montreal in a few hours.  Big excitement, lots of nerves, but we’ll all be fine.  She’ll be back for a visit on Wednesday, lol!

I am looking forward to this new phase in both our lives – I am excited for the changes we will experience.  Our relationship will now move into a new phase, and while I know there will be some stress & some tears as we adjust,  I have really come to appreciate endings for the wonderful beginnings they bring.  I love beginnings.  Fresh chapters, new stories.  It’s all good.

Eclipses – hmmmm….

July 23rd, 2009

Just a quick word here about the 2 recent eclipses – one a few weeks ago at the Full Moon, and Tuesday night’s Solar eclipse that we are still being influenced by (for the next day or two).  Eclipses are like the skipping forward of a record, for those of you old enough to remember vinyl, and they cause great change that can be cathartic or catastrophic, depending on where we are on our Path.  I will post a little more on this later but for those of you who have been feeling like you are being bombarded with non-stop energy that has you flailing, relax.  It’s hitting all of us.  Stop fighting & go with the flow (see previous post!).  We’re all going to be ok.

More later….

Going With The Flow – Not Just for Dead Fish!

July 23rd, 2009

Here I am after 2 marvellous weeks volunteering/enjoying the Ottawa Bluesfest, complete with a stage-side seat for CAKE  – one of my very favourite bands.  I love being one of the 4000 or so volunteers who help make this event happen! And now I am adjusting back into everyday life, and considering next steps in my journey. 

I have often been told that I should be writing, by friends both in & out of physicality <grin>, so today I choose to write here.  And the topic, as you’ve probably determined from the title of the post, you clever creature, is about following the flow of our lives.  Now, a former candidate for high office in the US who I will not name here recently said that only dead fish go with the flow, and I have given that some thought.  I’ve even googled “fish swimming” to get some feel for whether it is true or not, but there was too much talk of muscle groups & the mechanics of fish swimming for me.  And then this morning I got a Daily OM on just this topic – what a coincidence!

I have decided that for humans, going with the flow is more like rafting a river, something I had the opportunity to do once or twice on the beautiful Bow in Alberta, and which I did informally (without raft) as a kid on the Otonabee.  As anyone who has been on water will tell you, following the flow is not lazy, or without skill.  It requires awareness, and the ability to make decisions in the moment, and to accept previous decisions as having had their impact but no longer needing our immediate attention – to rehash them as we travel detracts from our awareness of where we are now, and therefore our ability to make good decisions based on current circumstances.  The time to review is when we are off the water, having a bite to eat & perhaps a beer with our fellow travellers, or maybe others who have also experienced that course.  But all of our power & control is only in the present moment, that sometimes elusive thing that we look for in meditation.  I think this is why physical activity can so often be a form of meditation – we must stay focused on our changing conditions and nothing exists except Right Now.  Following the flow is the ONLY option in these circumstances, if we want to avoid possible injury.

And so it is with our lives – all of our power & control is in this moment, and yet we muddy the water by carrying forward our fears for the future & judgements from other moments – or worse yet, those of others who may or may not have followed the same course we did!  Don’t get me wrong – experience & planning are important & can help us to avoid making the same mistakes again & again, and input from others can enhance knowledge gleaned from our own experience.  It’s just that the time for reviewing those past choices is immediately after we made them, so we can take the learning & release anything that might limit us in future.  And then we can make good decisions, in the flow, following our own experiences and our knowledge.  Because we are the only ones there, on the water, making the decision that will determine where we go next. 

Wanna go rafting?

Back at the keyboard!

June 25th, 2009

Just finished updating my website so it will work in Firefox (finally!), and next on my to-do list is regular posts here on the blog.

Quantum Shift

December 3rd, 2008

The last many weeks have been intense and at times overwhelming – as I speak with people about our experiences, I understand that no-one is escaping these changes, it is only a matter of degrees between us.  I realized today that many of us who have lived “dark & twisty” lives, with a fair amount of drama, chose our Paths in order to anchor more Light around us.  Let’s face it, no-one gets the urge to create great change while they’re sitting by the pool drinking Mai Tais (and for the record, I am not even sure what is in a Mai Tai).  So we get drama & trauma, and as we heal from that we bring in more Light, and now we are finally at a place where there is so much Light and so much Hope that it is time for us to release those experiences that got us here.  So they come up for our review – all the voices from our past that call us names and tell us we’re not worthy – not to torment us, but to be released.  The energy is lighter now, and all that baggage is no longer necessary.  The happy train is pulling into the station, and we need to lighten our loads to just the things that will be needed on the next leg of our journey.  So don’t despair – honour yourself for the amount of space you’ve held for everyone around you who never seemed to have as much difficulty in their lives.  It was your loving energy that allowed them to walk more lightly.  And now it is our turn to walk lightly as well.  Yes We Can!

Oh, and…

September 14th, 2008

I forgot to point out that this shift gives us opportunities for transition, as well – new homes, new jobs, new lives.  Of course, to get to the new, we have to finish with the old.  Some people will seem to take their leave voluntarily, others not so much.  But each leaving is chosen at a higher level, and if we remember this we can honour both our choices and those that others are making.  All is as it should be, even when it desperately appears otherwise.  Feel free to drop me a line if you are having difficulty remembering this.

Saturday morning

September 13th, 2008

As previously mentioned, life has been interesting lately, in the Chinese curse sense of the word.  More & more I believe that we are in the midst of a huge shift in our very beings, and that has shaken loose all the old crap in our cupboards.  This makes it easier to sort through it all, as long as we stay calm & grounded in today, realizing that we have not moved in time and are not re-experiencing some of those old events and emotions.  We are being gifted with a recap of where we’ve been so far.

There’s an interesting piece of our anatomy, the amygdalae, which are almond shaped groups of neurons located in the temporal lobes of our brains.  They are involved in the storing of memory & the emotionality of those memories, and in our “fight or flight” mechanisms, which of course draw upon memories to help us determine when we’re in danger.  When these memories arise, the amygdalae react as if the event is happening in real time – it does not differentiate between now & then, and so we become overwhelmed with the emotions as if we were in that same place again.  So it is important when processing memories that are less than joyous to say to your body, out loud if need be, that you are safe, and that there is no need to be sad, afraid, angry. I find that patting or rubbing my leg or arm if I feel distress is helpful, as is stopping to look around & confirm that all is well at this moment.  And of course, deep breaths are always calming.

I believe that our world has changed, and continues to change, to one with more Light & Love.  There are those who can’t believe that it’s possible, and those who’d prefer that the changes be reversed – we are not so easily controlled when we are not afraid.  As we continue through these interesting times, keep your heart open, count your many blessings each day, and view life as the wonderful adventure it is.  Remember that all that you do is chosen by you, and if you choose not to, then don’t.  This will allow you to experience the shift in positive ways.

I’ve been told that October 14th will be a significant day in some way, and although it is the beginning of the Jewish Sukkot and the date chosen by Prime Minister Steve to formally demonstrate his contempt for the election law his government brought into being (yes, I’m bitter), keep your heart open for something greater that will help everyone to understand that we are all part of the All That Is.  How’s that for cryptic? <grin>…ch….changes

September 5th, 2008

This week has been particularly intense for me personally, and now I have the chance to walk my talk about staying in my flow & trusting that all is well.  I find it virtually impossible to begin tasks that I feel obligated to do, and I think the lesson is that we should exercise our right not do things we do not want to do.  If we think it must be done, then we are to find the joy & gratitude in the task rather than go at it as a burden, or put another way, I must find the gift in everything or I simply get stopped.  So it’s not that these tasks should be abandoned, but rather that they should be done with the knowledge that I really don’t HAVE to if I don’t want to – I do them because they bring peace or order (or money, in the case of work) into my life, and because I’ve decided that I do not want to deal with the circumstances that might arise from them not getting done.  I suppose it’s just moving out of that victim mentality and acknowledging that I ALWAYS have a choice about what I do – I just have to weigh the pros & cons of the outcome & then choose according to what I’d like to happen next.  Acknowledging this makes me an active participant in my life and puts power back in my hands.  And then I can begin to be choosy about what I choose!

Now, off to make a list of what I choose to do in my life today!

Holding Faith against Fear

August 21st, 2008

I am puzzled by the seeming incongruity in reporting on the current Russia/Georgia conflict.  It appears that what is being reported is being spun quite heavily against Russia, and I am wondering why.  I believe that soon we will be given reasons to be fearful by the Powers That Be (PTB), as we are always more easily controlled when we are fearful.  I think this has also been behind the high gas prices. 

I am continuing to hold faith that we are shifting to a more loving reality, and that what we are seeing are desperate machinations by the PTB to get us back into line with their version of reality.  I ask you all to hold peace in your hearts & envision the world we truly want to live in – one with a minimum of lies, lack & violence.

Sunday afternoon

August 17th, 2008

I just wanted to put in writing what I’ve been telling everyone I speak with – we are currently in the midst of a huge shift, which started at the June 21st solstice, continued with confusion through July up to the Solar Eclipse August 1st, and around this time threw in some overwhelment just for good measure.  Those of us who’ve had some dark & twisty in our lives have been wondering if we’d just looped back after years of clearing, and the answer is No, Definitely Not!  We are being offered the opportunity to take a last look at some of our most interesting creations, and integrate those lessons fully so that we can release any parts that still cause us distress.  So have a laugh, be amazed at the path you’ve walked so far, and trust that all of it was not only necessary, but will turn out to make so much sense in the long run that you’ll be shaking your head that you didn’t get it sooner – sort of like the “a-ha” moment in “The Sixth Sense”. 

Honest.  Trust me on this one.  In the meantime, share with your friends & loved ones that you might be feeling a bit on edge – chances are they’ll share that they are too.  We’ll get through this by opening communication with our fellow travellers, not by hiding & pretending it’s all good.

I’d love to hear what’s happening for you, either through a comment here or in confidence by email.  It’s going to be just fine.  Really.

I’ll post details gleaned from my many readings as soon as I get through them.  Chat back, ask questions.  Talk soon.


August 17th, 2008

This post may appear twice, due to the testing I’m doing.

I am updating my webpage (only slightly), and therefore have to incorporate a change I’d previously made but not uploaded, which is this blog feature.  Not sure how this will work, and I look forward to comments if you’ve got ’em.

First Blog Entry

June 9th, 2008

I am sitting here at the computer, contemplating my rather extensive to-do list, and finding creative ways to avoid it – hence this post.  At this moment, I haven’t even uploaded the page with the new menu, so it’s not like “I have to”.  In fact, I have a Daily Reflection reading up on the topic of “laziness”, but I guess I could just have easily made it “procratination”.  I’m going to look at the spread a little later <grin>, perhaps after I put a load of laundry in.  But if I go to the basement, I have to take the continuous drain hose from the portable air conditioner and run it through the joists so it can drain into the laundry sink, so it doesn’t need to go into the bathtub, thus preventing the bathroom door from closing.  Man, it just never ends!  So perhaps it’s not laziness or procrastination, but just “had enough”.  Perhaps I’ll take a peek BEFORE I go to the laundry.  But I have to go to the bathroom, so I need the door to close…..

Be right back.

OK, so the hose is run to the basement.  And my darling daughter is making dinner, so I am taking one more moment to write and finish my coffee.