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Back at the keyboard!

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Just finished updating my website so it will work in Firefox (finally!), and next on my to-do list is regular posts here on the blog.

Holding Faith against Fear

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

I am puzzled by the seeming incongruity in reporting on the current Russia/Georgia conflict.  It appears that what is being reported is being spun quite heavily against Russia, and I am wondering why.  I believe that soon we will be given reasons to be fearful by the Powers That Be (PTB), as we are always more easily controlled when we are fearful.  I think this has also been behind the high gas prices. 

I am continuing to hold faith that we are shifting to a more loving reality, and that what we are seeing are desperate machinations by the PTB to get us back into line with their version of reality.  I ask you all to hold peace in your hearts & envision the world we truly want to live in – one with a minimum of lies, lack & violence.


Sunday, August 17th, 2008

This post may appear twice, due to the testing I’m doing.

I am updating my webpage (only slightly), and therefore have to incorporate a change I’d previously made but not uploaded, which is this blog feature.  Not sure how this will work, and I look forward to comments if you’ve got ’em.

First Blog Entry

Monday, June 9th, 2008

I am sitting here at the computer, contemplating my rather extensive to-do list, and finding creative ways to avoid it – hence this post.  At this moment, I haven’t even uploaded the page with the new menu, so it’s not like “I have to”.  In fact, I have a Daily Reflection reading up on the topic of “laziness”, but I guess I could just have easily made it “procratination”.  I’m going to look at the spread a little later <grin>, perhaps after I put a load of laundry in.  But if I go to the basement, I have to take the continuous drain hose from the portable air conditioner and run it through the joists so it can drain into the laundry sink, so it doesn’t need to go into the bathtub, thus preventing the bathroom door from closing.  Man, it just never ends!  So perhaps it’s not laziness or procrastination, but just “had enough”.  Perhaps I’ll take a peek BEFORE I go to the laundry.  But I have to go to the bathroom, so I need the door to close…..

Be right back.

OK, so the hose is run to the basement.  And my darling daughter is making dinner, so I am taking one more moment to write and finish my coffee.