and Breathe…..

Well, it’s been quite a ride these past few months, hasn’t it?  Now spring is arriving & the light is returning, and the New Moon encourages us to let go & begin building again.  Central to our ability to stay calm & focused through all of this is the simplicity of Breath.

I invite you to sit quietly & be aware of your breathing for a few moments.  Most of us will find that we place a pause between our out-breath & in-breath.  Some of these pauses are longer than others, depending on our current circumstances & stress levels!  This is a learned behaviour that can keep us in a constant state of low-level fear – the body interprets the lack of breath as death.

Take a few minutes to practice breathing without pauses – Michael Brown in his book The Presence Process suggests thinking of it like a fountain, with our in-breath pushing the water up & the exhalation being the natural falling of the water.  Create a loop, so that your breath does not end.  Watch pets or young children for examples of how this is done. 

As always with techniques that help us remember that we are Spirit in a physical vehicle, learning to consciously connect our breath is simple but not always easy.  The benefits of more energy & less stress make it worth the effort.  Good luck!

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