Grounding Exercise – Try This At Home!!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to once again practice this grounding exercise with a group of young people and was pleased that they all seemed to enjoy it.  Thanks to Emma, Patrick, Kasha, Cassandra, Bethany, Samantha, Meg & Steve for playing along, and to Lana, Cathy & Lesley for joining in too!  I guess because it took me many months of regular practice to break through the barriers of my “imagination” back when I started this in the late 80’s, I’m always surprised at how naturally it comes to almost everyone.  I’ve decided to post it here & I hope to receive some feedback on the ways people use it. 

To begin, sit comfortably, ideally with your back straight & your hands & legs uncrossed.  This allows your energy to flow more easily.  You can be inside or out, but do try to sit or at least stand.  Lying down tends to lead to sleep, and that defeats the purpose. 

Close your eyes & take a few deep breaths, allowing yourself to relax.  Be aware of your tailbone at the base of your spine, and allow a connection to simply drop from there, down through your chair & the floor(s) below you, into the ground and down to the center of the planet.   Your connection can be an actual tail,  a rope that falls, a firehose that unrolls, a beam of light that shines down, a root that grows, an electrical cord that plugs in – allow your imagination to create whatever feels comfortable to you.  My personal favourite is a bright yellow chute, similar to those that are used during constrution on high-rise buildings in the city or a play tunnel for a cat.  You can try different types of connections to see which feels best for you, or you might have a favourite right away.  You may also find that this feels familiar to you, and realize that you have just simply become aware of something you already do! 

Once you’ve allowed your grounding connection to fall to the center of Earth, take a deep breath & release down through the connection any emotion or tension that keeps you from feeling relaxed.  You can visualize it as gravity takes it away, swirling as if down a drain, or you can simply tell it to release in words or thought, following with “and so it is” or “make it so”.  There is no wrong way to do this – your way is what is best for you.

Once you are feeling relaxed, be aware of your energy field or aura around you.  We all have one, and it usually extends from 5 – 15 cm (2-6 inches) around you – some call it your egg, your bubble or your sphere.  Whatever you call it, it not only contains information about you & your inner world, but it interacts with the world around you.  It shifts and moves – you might bring it in very close around you when you are feeling frightened or threatened, and expand it when you are around friends & family that you are comfortable with – allowing your fields to overlap so you “share space” with each other.  Each of us really is bigger than our body gives us credit for, and learning to be in control of our entire space makes it easier for us to deal with the bigger world. 

As you sit in your safe, grounded space, you may want to play with the edges of your field – filling the whole room & then bringing it just a centimetre from your skin.  Be aware of how you feel when you do this, and see if you can match that to how you’ve felt in different situations in your life.  Where do you normally keep the edges of your space when you’re at school?  At work?  At play?

Now that you have your grounding & you are aware of the space around you, take another deep breath & imagine that your bubble or field is filled with the colour blue – that it is all around you & through you, filling your body & the space around you.  It can be any shade of blue that feels comfortable, and the shade may change as you sit with it (right Bethany?).  Be aware of how blue feels to you – comforting, refreshing, suffocating, invigorating.  Try to come up with a word or two to describe how it feels.  Again, how it feels to you cannot be right or wrong – it just is.  For some people blue reminds them of their favourite blanket or a chair at grandma’s house or a favourite toy & they have positive feelings.  For others it brings back the time when they nearly drowned or had a traumatic experience, and they may feel frightened or angry – this might be changed by switching the shade or tone of blue to one that is more comfortable, or you might have to shift to a completely different colour.  Remember to take a deep breath & change colours if you are not comfortable where you are.  This exercise helps you to be aware of what feels good for you so that you can quickly go there simply by thinking about it, and it can be different for everyone.   

Whenever you are ready, take another breath & then shift the colour in your space to yellow, allowing yourself to experience it for a few minutes &  once again coming up with a word to describe it.  Is is comfortable to you?  Is it familiar?

Breathe & make another shift now, to whatever colour you’d like to experience next.  Pink, brown, orange, purple, silver, red, white, green, gold.  Spend as much time as you like with each one – some you will want to leave immediately, and some you will want to stay with a long time.  Try to find words to describe each one, so you can explain to your brain what your body is feeling.  This helps to make the experience more real – we have often been told that our imagination isn’t “real”, so we want to make sure the brain has a way to experience this as well.

When you are ready to end the exercise, spend a few extra moments in the colour that you most enjoyed during this session.  Picture it filling all of the cells in your body & the space of your field.  Allow some of it to flow down your grounding connection too, to wash away anything that came up with some of the colours that were not as comfortable.  Then take a deep breath, and slowly bring your awareness back to the world around you, opening your eyes & looking around.   Take a moment to look at the solid world around you.  Does it look the same now?  You might want to write about what you experienced in a journal, both to make the experience more real in your mind, and so that you can look back later to see how your colour preferences & feelings change depending on time & circumstances.

You can keep your grounding connection & your chosen colour in your space as you go back to your regular activities.  If you find you cannot, that’s fine.  The more you use this exercise, the easier it will be for you to quickly ground & modify your colour/mood. 

You may find that a colour you really like in one session is not comfortable to you in another one.   Just allow that.  Play with it, setting aside 10 minutes in the morning or at night to run some colour through your field.  The truth is, you do this all day long anyway – this exercise will just help you to become more aware of the changes, and allow you to move to a colour or mood of your choice, even when the circumstances & people around you are pulling you to a place you aren’t comfortable with. 

When that happens, you will be able to take a deep breath, become aware of your grounding, and quickly shift to a more comfortable place for you.   You can also use it prior to a test or a meeting you are feeling stressed about, or to recharge your batteries when you are feeling drained.  On these occasions, I find a  trip to the washroom provides just enough time & space  for a quick tune-up.  I’ve also been known to use it while standing on line – it does help the time pass more quickly & has the added benefit of keeping the frustration level down – I am not the most patient person in the world!

This information is given in a spirit of Love & it is to be shared with others in that same spirit.  Play with it & have fun!  If you have questions or feedback, I would love to hear from you by email here Email Nancy, or on EarthSchool’s Facebook page.  There’s a link on the main page.

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