This week has been particularly intense for me personally, and now I have the chance to walk my talk about staying in my flow & trusting that all is well.  I find it virtually impossible to begin tasks that I feel obligated to do, and I think the lesson is that we should exercise our right not do things we do not want to do.  If we think it must be done, then we are to find the joy & gratitude in the task rather than go at it as a burden, or put another way, I must find the gift in everything or I simply get stopped.  So it’s not that these tasks should be abandoned, but rather that they should be done with the knowledge that I really don’t HAVE to if I don’t want to – I do them because they bring peace or order (or money, in the case of work) into my life, and because I’ve decided that I do not want to deal with the circumstances that might arise from them not getting done.  I suppose it’s just moving out of that victim mentality and acknowledging that I ALWAYS have a choice about what I do – I just have to weigh the pros & cons of the outcome & then choose according to what I’d like to happen next.  Acknowledging this makes me an active participant in my life and puts power back in my hands.  And then I can begin to be choosy about what I choose!

Now, off to make a list of what I choose to do in my life today!

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