Saturday morning

As previously mentioned, life has been interesting lately, in the Chinese curse sense of the word.  More & more I believe that we are in the midst of a huge shift in our very beings, and that has shaken loose all the old crap in our cupboards.  This makes it easier to sort through it all, as long as we stay calm & grounded in today, realizing that we have not moved in time and are not re-experiencing some of those old events and emotions.  We are being gifted with a recap of where we’ve been so far.

There’s an interesting piece of our anatomy, the amygdalae, which are almond shaped groups of neurons located in the temporal lobes of our brains.  They are involved in the storing of memory & the emotionality of those memories, and in our “fight or flight” mechanisms, which of course draw upon memories to help us determine when we’re in danger.  When these memories arise, the amygdalae react as if the event is happening in real time – it does not differentiate between now & then, and so we become overwhelmed with the emotions as if we were in that same place again.  So it is important when processing memories that are less than joyous to say to your body, out loud if need be, that you are safe, and that there is no need to be sad, afraid, angry. I find that patting or rubbing my leg or arm if I feel distress is helpful, as is stopping to look around & confirm that all is well at this moment.  And of course, deep breaths are always calming.

I believe that our world has changed, and continues to change, to one with more Light & Love.  There are those who can’t believe that it’s possible, and those who’d prefer that the changes be reversed – we are not so easily controlled when we are not afraid.  As we continue through these interesting times, keep your heart open, count your many blessings each day, and view life as the wonderful adventure it is.  Remember that all that you do is chosen by you, and if you choose not to, then don’t.  This will allow you to experience the shift in positive ways.

I’ve been told that October 14th will be a significant day in some way, and although it is the beginning of the Jewish Sukkot and the date chosen by Prime Minister Steve to formally demonstrate his contempt for the election law his government brought into being (yes, I’m bitter), keep your heart open for something greater that will help everyone to understand that we are all part of the All That Is.  How’s that for cryptic? <grin>

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