Quantum Shift

The last many weeks have been intense and at times overwhelming – as I speak with people about our experiences, I understand that no-one is escaping these changes, it is only a matter of degrees between us.  I realized today that many of us who have lived “dark & twisty” lives, with a fair amount of drama, chose our Paths in order to anchor more Light around us.  Let’s face it, no-one gets the urge to create great change while they’re sitting by the pool drinking Mai Tais (and for the record, I am not even sure what is in a Mai Tai).  So we get drama & trauma, and as we heal from that we bring in more Light, and now we are finally at a place where there is so much Light and so much Hope that it is time for us to release those experiences that got us here.  So they come up for our review – all the voices from our past that call us names and tell us we’re not worthy – not to torment us, but to be released.  The energy is lighter now, and all that baggage is no longer necessary.  The happy train is pulling into the station, and we need to lighten our loads to just the things that will be needed on the next leg of our journey.  So don’t despair – honour yourself for the amount of space you’ve held for everyone around you who never seemed to have as much difficulty in their lives.  It was your loving energy that allowed them to walk more lightly.  And now it is our turn to walk lightly as well.  Yes We Can!

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