Eclipsical aftermath

I’m not really sure that eclipsical is a word, but it sure has been a heck of a week & a half!  Things shifted, and through it all I tried hard to remember to ask “What is this reflecting in me?” each time I got upset at my circumstances or at another person.  I must say, it does seem to get easier as I get the hang of it.

My darling 20-year-old daughter is leaving the nest today, and taking some of her earthly belongings with her.  I took about 20 minute to maneuver the U-Haul trailer into position in the driveway, and we will be setting out for Montreal in a few hours.  Big excitement, lots of nerves, but we’ll all be fine.  She’ll be back for a visit on Wednesday, lol!

I am looking forward to this new phase in both our lives – I am excited for the changes we will experience.  Our relationship will now move into a new phase, and while I know there will be some stress & some tears as we adjust,  I have really come to appreciate endings for the wonderful beginnings they bring.  I love beginnings.  Fresh chapters, new stories.  It’s all good.

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