Whew, what a ride!

Well, the past few weeks have been incredibly intense as we struggled through Mercury’s retrograde course & dealt with the ongoing rewiring of our systems in preparation for the New Energy.  Old memories popping up, relationships hitting on trouble spots that we’d thought were long past, and the crippling paralysis that left some of us wondering if we had literally lost our minds.  Well, this too has passed.  Or is passing.  Honest.

Mercury is once again direct, and the Moon is waning, inviting us to clear clutter & debris from our lives – and certainly the past few weeks have brought a new layer to the surface that we’ll be glad to let go of!  Each day we are asked to remember, and to trust, that the world is unfolding exactly as it should (refer to Desiderata on the Links page).  This trust gets easier as time goes on, and is enforced when we remember to watch for “god-winks” – those times when we are wondering about something & the answer arrives within hours, either in a media we’re engaged with or sometimes right from the mouths of strangers.  There are no coincidences – these are loving reminders that we are always on our Path, no matter what we or others think.  Trust, love and honour yourself and those in your life.  All is good. 

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