Insomnia? Relax!

I recently had a dear friend (thanks Julie!) ask for my thoughts on the insomnia that so many people are experiencing lately, and then later that same day the topic came up again in a group discussion, so I decided to post some info here.  Please share as you see fit.

I think we have always received guidance & information while we sleep – whether you believe it is from your subconscious mind or some higher power, we’ve all had the experience of feeling better or having a resolution to a problem after we’ve “slept on it”.  We are currently in a state of great change, all across the planet, and we are preparing ourselves for what comes next by accessing higher spiritual information.  In order to bring this additional information into our waking state, our energetic bodies are being enhanced or rewired, and this happens while we sleep.  Or at least it does if we can sleep!

The information that is coming in & the changes to the energy bodies can cause the physical body to awaken, & to activate the “fight or flight” intruder system we have.  This system is finely tuned and a wonderful thing, but it is fairly primitive, with virtually no analytical ability – it can detect a change that might be dangerous, but can not assess if the danger is real. So the mind begins to wonder – why did I wake up? Is something wrong? and so on. We tend to become afraid when we can’t make sense of something, so the fear process fires up even more, making sleep virtually impossible.  And so now the processing that must happen is stymied, which causes an additional underlying anxiety that can’t be identified.  A vicious cycle can set in, and it is important to resolve it so that we do not become seriously ill.

Illness might result from insomia for two reasons.  The first, and more benign reason is that the vibrational changes must be put in place, and if they aren’t happening because you are sleepless, your system will eventually put you in an enforced state of rest, which for most of us translates as cold or flu – it is not coincidence that flu is highly active right now.  Those of you who push through minor illness need to be reminded at this point that your body wants you to simply lie down & do nothing for a day or two – failure to do so will up the ante in a bid to get you to take some gentle time for yourself.  Doing so will have great benefit.

The second reason is that many people’s fears take them to possibilities of personal illness, and of course our thoughts are even more powerful in these heightened energy times.  It is important at this time to stay out of fear

And so I am telling everyone I speak with, even those who follow different Paths of thought, that the energy on the planet is heightened, that we are receiving spiritual energy while we sleep in order to prepare us for this higher energy.  There is nothing wrong, we are simply in the process of enhancing our vibrational capabilities.

If you wake up in the middle of the night, sit quietly for 10 or 15 mins, have a tea or read for a bit – do something that you find comforting in order to assure yourself that all is well in your world.  When you have this feeling, go back to bed. You can then, as you drift back towards drowsiness, ask to have the information delivered more gently so it does not interfere with your sleep – as simply as that.

If sleeplessness continues and you can’t get beyond the fear, have some energy/bodywork done, get an intuitive reading, chat with kindred folk – something to help integrate the higher vibrations.  We are all in this together, and it is important that we help each other to get to this new level.  Please feel free to email me if you have questions regarding this info or your own situation.

With Love and Blessings!

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