Create in each moment

“Each person is actively in each moment creating the reality or the illusion of their reality in which they live and believe they exist.”

This is a quote from today’s Morning Message from Peggy Black. What does this mean for us?

In each & every moment, energy presents itself to be programmed for our upcoming reality.  And it is programmed with what we are feeling or thinking right now.  Feeling unworthy, unappreciated, disheartened about the future?  Expect more of the same. 

It is important to always reach for the best & highest feeling you can have in each moment, for this is how we create the best & highest future for ourselves.  So when you are feeling discouraged, or resentful, or put-upon, it is in your best interest to see if you can’t find a better thought about your present circumstances.  Gratitude & appreciation, even in the darkest of times, will bring about the events that foster gratitude & appreciation.  And then the cycle continues.

So count your blessings, folks.  No matter how tough it is to find them.  They’re always there, and welcoming them brings more. 

As always with this Work, it is exquisitely simple, but not always easy.  Let me know how you’re doing.

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