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Insomnia? Relax!

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

I recently had a dear friend (thanks Julie!) ask for my thoughts on the insomnia that so many people are experiencing lately, and then later that same day the topic came up again in a group discussion, so I decided to post some info here.  Please share as you see fit.

I think we have always received guidance & information while we sleep – whether you believe it is from your subconscious mind or some higher power, we’ve all had the experience of feeling better or having a resolution to a problem after we’ve “slept on it”.  We are currently in a state of great change, all across the planet, and we are preparing ourselves for what comes next by accessing higher spiritual information.  In order to bring this additional information into our waking state, our energetic bodies are being enhanced or rewired, and this happens while we sleep.  Or at least it does if we can sleep! (more…)